Animation Artist & Illustrator

Joel Parod

Space Jam: A New Legacy

2020, Warner Animation Group

Concept art that I designed and painted except the Alley and Marvin's Gun which were based on storyboard drawings. Marvin's gun was designed by Amos Sussigan. The DC Comic concept is Bruce Tim inspired. It was a fun experience to paint the Looney Tunes in these illustrations!

Concept Art

2000-2001, Joel Parod
I designed and painted these sci-fi concepts of an icy planet and an unsettling garden.

Osmosis Jones

1997, Warner Brothers Feature Animation

I loved helping to develop this movie in the early days in collaboration with director, Peit Kroon, and the development team. I designed and painted these illustrations based on the script and they were included in the greenlight pitch meeting.


2018-2020, Warner Animation Group
Before the Squiddly Diddly mural we see in the Venice Beach set, I first designed and painted this Moby mural.

Concept Art

1997, Warner Brothers Feature Animation
I designed and painted this early concept illustration for a comic book based movie idea that was shelved.

Duck Duck Goose

2015-2016, Original Force 3D Animation

I helped design the Northern Lake in collaboration with Christian Schellewald, and did this initial sketch of the main street entrance to the village.

Concept Art

2015, Disney TV Animation

I did not design this layout, but I was asked to paint these two versions as a proof of concept for the style of the backgrounds for an animated series that was in development. They wanted to see if the bg's could be painted with watercolor brushes in Corel Painter. 

Concept Art

Some of my concept art, designs and visual development paintings from various animated movies and projects for studios including Warner Animation Group, Original Force, Disney TV, DisneyToon Studios, and Warner Brothers Feature Animation. This art was for inspiration, visual exploration of story ideas, design styles, and compositional ideas. As an illustrator, these are a ton of fun to do when I get the chance.

Tinker Bell: Great Fairy Rescue, Legend of the Neverbeast

2007, DisneyToon Studios

An early concept illustration for Tinker Bell: Great Fairy Rescue and 3 concept paintings for Legend of the Neverbeast. The cave was designed by Julio Leon and the last 2 were painted over rough 3D models by Michael Greenholt.

Concept Art

2016-2018, Original Force 3D Animation
Concept art and explorations for 2 films that were in development.

Concept sketches for personal project: Man Vs. Ice

2014-  , Joel parod