Artist for Animation

Joel Parod

10 Lives (cancelled)

Original Force 3D Animation 2017-2018

Character Visual Development Paintings


I was able to help design the main cat character for this movie, initially designed by Patrick Mate and director Mark Kotsier. I painted about 20 characters for this animated comedy that was unfortunately cancelled early in it's production. I also helped design sets, and came up with the idea for the poster.

I designed and painted the color and textures, but did not design or model the characters with one exception, the seated cat was designed by me. I came up with the idea, painted and helped design the poster with Mark Kotsier, Patrick Mate, and Tommy Kim. The 2nd image was modeled by Paulette Emmerson and the 3rd image was modeled by Raffaello Vecchione. The mouse was designed by Denis Couchon and I helped design the 2 bees.